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MAKE Yourself Lucky! Article Explains How

Being LuckyOne of the most interesting things about the “How I Built This” podcast is how often founders attribute their success to luck. But, according to a recent article in the WSJ, people underestimate how much they create their own luck.

The article is short, interesting and very encouraging for anyone in sales or in business for themselves. The full article is printed at the bottom of this blog.

Key quote: “The good news is that there’s plenty of luck to go around if you know how to look for it.” Here is a brief summary.

PAY ATTENTION: “The most important talent anyone who seems lucky possesses is the ability to pay attention on many levels and to notice opportunities.”

GET OFF THE STANDARD PATH: “Lucky people are often the outliers who find a path that others missed.” In other words, don’t follow the herd.

CHANGE THE ODDS: “With so many unknown variables knocking around, one of the best ways to improve your luck is to keep taking chances.” In other words, try a lot of things and don’t be afraid of failure. The more you try, the better your odds.

THINK YOURSELF LUCKY. Psychologist Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania told us that if he were looking for a lucky person, “the number one ingredient that I’d select for would be optimism.”

Link to WSJ Article: To Be Successful, Make Your Own Luck


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