crayon-love-letter-to-seller URBAN FARMER IS #34 OUT OF 36 OFFER

In November I blogged about two urban farmers getting the house of their dreams even though their offer was one of the lowest (#34 out of 36!).

The buyers connected exceptionally well with the seller who shared their love for urban farms. You can read the full blog here.


Most agents know that an effective letter can work, but many do not realize how effective they can be in ultracompetitive markets.

And buyers themselves often feel “silly” writing “love letters” to sellers they don’t know. But – the cost is minimal and buyers have nothing to lose.


The San Jose Mercury News recently had an article giving several examples of effective love letters that included copies of ultra-sound photos of a baby on the way, a golden retriever photo, a letter from a toddler written in crayon, and an offer to supply the seller with Blue Bottle coffee.

The full article can be found here.


Redfin has a great (and short) blog with tips for especially effective letters, and it can be found here.

In short Redfin recommends: (1) Formatting the letter to make it stand out (they have a great example); (2) Telling the sellers what you love about the house (chef’s kitchen, big yard, etc.); (3) Making personal connections (cat lovers, Patriots fans, etc.); and (4) Printing hard copies for the sellers.

Not to beat this dead horse too much, but Trulia also has some excellent tips – here.

In summary, buyers should get out their pens (or crayons) and have fun writing creative love letters b/c they cost nothing, they often work, and there is nothing to lose.

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