no-graffiti Jia Jiang is a famous author and TED Talk speaker who has made an entire career out of getting rejected.

To desensitize himself to rejection and to make himself able to ask for anything without fear, he practiced getting rejected for 100 days by asking for ridiculous things.

For example, he asked for a “burger refill” at a fast food restaurant; he asked to plant a flower in a stranger’s backyard; he asked Krispy Kreme to make donuts that looked like the Olympic symbol; he asked if he could join a random super bowl party with strangers; and he asked to be a “greeter” at Starbucks.

He learned to be fearless when asking for things; he learned how much you can get by just asking; he learned that rejection is just someone’s opinion and it is not personal; and he learned to ask “why” when somebody rejected him, which often led to other opportunities.

For anyone in sales, his entire message is inspiring, and I highly recommend watching his TED Talk at least.

Here is his full TED Talk.

Here is a 5-minute condensed version of his TED Talk.

Here is a great summary of his book (with all of the lessons he learned).

Here is his blog.


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