Key Business Books That Changed Our PerspectiveWay of Business My two sons relentlessly make fun of business books – “for every book that says ‘always do A,’ there are two other books that say the opposite.” My kids also point out how books often illuminate what works for one person without mentioning how the same techniques might not have worked for others.

    And, they think it is comical that the famous book “Good to Great” featured Fannie Mae and Circuit City (two companies that failed spectacularly) as stand out success stories.

    Despite my kids’ opinions, however, we think business books are invaluable because they convey so much wisdom and experience for so little money, and they completely changed the way JVM does business for the better.

    Here are few “must reads” that we think are invaluable.

    1. Emyth. This book illuminates the need to systematize every aspect of a business. This enhances service, and frees up managers to grow and improve the business.
    2. To Sell Is Human. This book is all about selling in the post-internet age, and how selling has changed from manipulation to providing help and information.  Everyone is in sales now days, and everyone needs to understand how to sell softly.
    3. The Big Leap. Most business owners are held back by limiting beliefs without realizing it. This book explains why and what to do about it. This is something Dan Sullivan addresses constantly in his podcasts too. Business success is usually more about mind-set than anything else.

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