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John McAfee Broke; Lost $100 Million; Upper Limits

John McAfee surfaced last week on James Altucher’s podcast. McAfee is fascinating b/c he is the guy who started the McAfee antivirus software company and amassed a fortune of $100 million, before losing all of it. Wired magazine wrote a great story about him in 2012: http://www.wired.com/2012/12/ff-john-mcafees-last-stand/

In the Altucher podcast and other interviews, McAfee describes in great detail all the forces and “bad people” that have been out to get him. But upon closer examination, it looks more like he self-sabotaged himself with bad decisions (over-extending himself, drugs, underage girlfriends, playing hero, rash actions, etc.).

McAfee looks like a classic example of a guy with “upper limit” issues. In a previous blog, I highly recommended a book called the “The Big Leap” by Stanford Psychologist, Gay Hendricks. Hendricks makes the case that people are held back only by “limiting beliefs” that we all have. Beliefs that we are not worthy of success, that we don’t deserve success, that we have to work extremely hard for success, that we should not pass up friends and family, etc.

If you are not as successful as you want to be, it is probably not b/c you lack talents, per Hendricks; it is probably b/c of the influence of your own limiting beliefs. I still highly recommend “The Big Leap.” It is a must-read book.

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