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“If You Ain’t Doing It Now, You Might As Well Never Done It”

Years ago in a gym, I overheard a bunch of young guys just out of high school brag about how much weight they could lift back in the day. The trainer at the gym was a former NFL player; he grew tired of the braggadocio and demanded that the kids put up the weights now.

When none of the kids could do it, the trainer said: “If you ain’t doing it now, you might as well never done it.” In other words, don’t brag unless you can do it now. Great message.

I think about this message often when I listen to business consultants and trainers sell their systems or methods. A few years ago, Heejin and I were at a huge mortgage conference in Las Vegas where numerous speakers were selling their systems and software after telling us how great it worked for them.

We found out later from a coach (who truly was successful) that many of the speakers had long been out of the mortgage business and that they had never put up the numbers they claimed they did.

Not only could they not “do it now” but they had never done it.

There are many great consultants who sincerely want to help people. But there is also a need for caveat emptor (buyer beware) when it comes to expensive advice, systems or software.

This is especially the case now b/c the real estate and mortgage industries have changed so much.

Jay Voorhees
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