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How To Test New Hires For Time Management Skills & Diligence?

I often talk about how important time management skills, admin skills and diligence are at JVM. There is a great way to test these skills before you hire someone.

We have a very long set of written interview questions we make every applicant answer before we even speak to them. The questions include a short essay, some grammar tests, favorite books and TV shows, some conditional “what if’s;” and some brain-teasers.

The most important part of the questions, however, is not the answers. The most important part is the instructions at the beginning that make it clear that we want the applicant to manage their time and to finish ALL of the questions in 60 minutes.

If they don’t finish, they very likely will not work out at JVM (or in any organization where following instructions and time-management are essential).

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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