the-simpsons I love stories about successful organizations b/c there is so much to learn that can be emulated and blogged about.

    So, I was extra excited when this story popped up in the WSJ: How To Succeed Like the Simpsons.

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    The Simpsons is the longest running series in television history, and, even after almost 30 years, it remains one of the top-rated shows on FOX.

    According to one of The Simpsons writers, here are the secrets behind the show’s success:

    1. Nobody tells them what to do. Most shows are overrun with network executives who try to influence the shows. The Simpsons is allowed to run free with no outside influence.

    I loved this b/c we have been led astray all too many times by outsiders with good intentions, but who ultimately did not know our business well enough.

    This is a great reminder that if you have something that works, please stick with it and ignore your detractors.

    2. Everyone knows they’re replaceable. The writing staff has turned over at least three times since the show started, and the quality of the show never wanes.

    “Replaceability” is a necessity at every business for two reasons: it ensures you don’t have a disruptive “primadonna” culture where the company has to kowtow to an individual, and it ensures service levels don’t wane when someone leaves.

    The key to this of course is airtight systems, training and tutorials to ensure new people can be inserted into every role at any time.

    3. It’s a team effort, devoid of jerks and sensitive people. Everything gets written and re-written over and over by the entire team. Nobody’s work is sacred and everyone is prepared to have their best work thrown out.

    I think this is mostly a reminder to me to not whine so much when the team edits and beats up my blogs, website content, and marketing copy. :)

    4. It’s a nice, boring place to work. The author is just saying that the staff is very focused and hard-working. They don’t just clown around all day, as many expect.

    This too is a necessity in any organization, but I think some fun events need to be inserted regularly.

    At JVM, we love our dart gun wars, trivia contests, giant speed Jenga games, flip cup games, and everything else we squeeze in to lighten our busy and demanding schedule.

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