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How To Fund DIY Home Projects With A Refinance

Upgrading your hardwood floors with a DIY home improvement project can be a great use to put your home's equity to work with a refinance loan.

Many homeowners consider tackling DIY home projects, whether you’re selling your home or just making minor improvements. For example, the list of home projects may include updating your hardwood floors. While this renovation may seem intimidating, here are five reasons hardwood flooring should be a top priority for every homeowner.


If you’re preparing to take on renovating your home with a DIY home project, the first step should be rating your floor’s quality. If you notice any glaring structural issues, a complete overhaul may be necessary. While this may include repairing the sub-floor beneath the hardwood, the result will drastically improve your home’s overall health.


Another sign that it’s time for a DIY home project is if there’s lots of movement in your hardwood floor. If the floors are creaking and squeaking, that is an audible sign of movement happening to the floorboards.  If you’re considering refinishing the floor, this repair will need to be completed before taking the next step!


Whether from excessive use or over-sanding, the worn-out wood will dramatically age the look of your home. It’s undoubtedly time for a renovation if you can see the boards coming apart or nails sticking out.


While a homebuyer may be willing to fix a few things in a new home, flooring is most likely not something they would want to replace right away. By taking care of this before it becomes a concern, you can make your home more appealing to possible buyers while also increasing your home’s value.


Floors are something that people tend to notice when entering a room, so having old, damaged hardwood will instantly depreciate the appearance. On the other hand, a glossy, modern, hardwood floor would attract buyers and enhance your living space!


The look of the floor when entering a room can define the space in the home. Having dull or scratched hardwood floors can decrease the value of the home and the appearance of the living space. Home renovations and DIY home projects can be costly. If you are considering a home renovation or making home improvement projects to your home, contact JVM Lending for more information about a home refinance loan! Homebuyers can use some of their home’s equity to fund their home improvement projects. Talking to a Mortgage Analyst at JVM Lending is one of the best ways to choose which of our mortgage programs is best for you! You can contact our team 7-days a week by phone at (855) 855-4491 or by email at [email protected].

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