How Much Does It Cost To Buy A House In California

Given that house prices and mortgage rates change over time, many homebuyers wonder, “how much does it really cost to buy a house in California?”

How Much Are Closing Costs In California?

The home’s actual price is just one of the costs buyers face when they decide to buy a house in California. There are a variety of fees along the way that are collectively referred to as closing costs.

Typically, closing costs are around 2% of the purchase price. In some cities, local taxes and fees can drive closing costs even higher! For example, if homebuyers purchase a home that costs $400,000, their closing costs would generally be around $8,000. In high-cost cities like Oakland, for example, city-mandated transfer tax and sewer lateral compliance fees could add another $5,000 to that total. The best way to receive an accurate estimate of how much you will pay in closing costs is to speak with a reputable mortgage lender, like JVM Lending. We can offer custom housing expense scenarios that fit your goals.

Closing costs can go even higher, as well. Some of the factors that influence those costs are the mortgage program, occupancy, credit score, down payment amount, and property type.

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What About Down Payments?

Another substantial cost to buying a house in California is the down payment. Different mortgage programs have different ranges for the down payment amount.

Below is a general overview of the down payment requirements for the top three most common loan types:

    1. VA home loans generally provide 100% financing with no down payment.
    2. FHA loans allow homebuyers to put down a minimum of 3.5% of the purchase price.
    3. Conventional mortgage loans provide 3% to 5% down payments, depending on the loan size and buyer’s eligibility.

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Down payments are one of the highest costs most homebuyers face when purchasing a house. However, most mortgage programs, including FHA and Conventional, permit buyers to receive gifts from family members, close friends, and other accepted sources.


Purchasing a home is a big step for many people, and figuring out just how much it costs to buy a home in California can be tricky. The key takeaway for homebuyers is the many costs that go into buying a house in California. The best way to identify how much prospective buyers will need to spend on their purchase is to speak with a trusted mortgage lender, like JVM Lending.  JVM Lending’s Mortgage Analysts are available 7-days a week by phone at (855) 855-4491 or by email at [email protected].

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