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Hire a Personal Assistant! You Cannot Afford Not To

Heejin went to a store to buy candles on Saturday, and returned 45 minutes later exhausted from the experience. It was most amusing b/c running errands is not something she is good at; it is something our personal assistant normally does.

I tell the above story to illuminate the need for a personal assistant. Most people do a myriad of tasks that take up far too much time and energy and that can be done far more efficiently by a personal assistant. Hiring personal assistants to do these tasks frees up huge amounts of time that can better be used making more money or doing the things we like to do.

This is very hard concept for people to embrace. I know many Realtors who spend enormous amounts of time on personal tasks; if this time was freed up, they could make enough extra money to hire five personal assistants. People need to understand that in most cases they cannot afford not to hire a personal assistant.

I just read a book called “Less Doing, More Living” and one of the most emphatic points the author made was the need to hire a personal assistant. If you don’t hire one full time, he insists that you at least hire a “Virtual Assistant.”

Learning how to use an assistant takes practice. I strongly suggest reading “Less Doing” and hiring a personal assistant and see how much your productivity and income improve.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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