Happy Fourth of July! A Few Fun Facts

    Given that few people are working today, I am keeping the blog short with only a few Fourth of July Fun Facts:

    1.  Most Declaration of Independence Signers Signed on August 2nd. Only two people signed on July 4th, so we might be celebrating the wrong date.
    2. John Adams and others wanted July 2nd to be “Independence Day” b/c that is the day Congress voted for independence, so we probably are celebrating the wrong date. 😊
    3. Three Presidents died on July 4th – Adams, Jefferson and Monroe. Bizarrely, Adams and Jefferson died on the same day, exactly 50 years after the first “Fourth of July.”

      In another twist, the formerly very bitter political enemies had become close friends in their later years, which would be sort of like Presidents Obama and Trump hanging around together in ten years (not likely, I might add).

    4. July 4th didn’t even become a federal holiday until 1870.
    5. El Quatro de Julio. In 1778, George Washington ordered a double ration of rum for his soldiers to celebrate the holiday, setting up another American tradition of employing alcohol to celebrate major holidays.
    6. Other countries celebrate America’s “Fourth of July” both to draw tourists and to honor former citizens who have emigrated to the U.S. These countries include England, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden.


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