Following Exact Recipe To Ensure Ultra Premium Service; Salad Bar

When I was 16, I was the “Assistant Manager Only On Weekends” at a Salad Bar Restaurant, and I loved really spicy food. And this is why it matters.

I was “Assistant Manager Only On Weekends” simply b/c the restaurant’s owner didn’t want to work weekends. As the weekend manager, it was my job to make all the dressings and soups for the following week.

B/c I liked spicy food so much, all of the Salad Bar recipes seemed far too bland to me. So, when I was in charge of making new batches of anything, I always spiced things up with more tobasco, cayenne pepper, celery seed, dried mustard, salt, pepper, etc.

While many people loved my spiced up versions, problems arose. When customers returned to the restaurant and expected the same flavor they experienced previously but got something different, they complained.

I quickly learned that we needed to ensure every customer received the same experience every time.

I carried this experience over to JVM, where we codify every aspect of our premium service with very detailed tutorials, processes and descriptions (our “recipes”). This ensures that every JVM client enjoys the exact same experience no matter which team member is helping.

Anyway – here are my two primary points:

1. If you are building a team and want to offer ultra-premium service, write out all of your service recipes in great detail to make sure every client gets the same treatment; and

2. Don’t let a 16 year old manage your business.

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