Purchasing your first home is a journey full of excitement and possibilities. Unfortunately, it is also a journey filled with a lot of costs. With so much on the line, understanding all of your mortgage options and making sure you choose the right program can be very daunting.  

    That is why JVM is here to make things clear, easy, and affordable.  

    One game-changing program we want to introduce you to is our JVM Purchase Plus. This generous program might be the key that unlocks your homebuying potential.   

    Understanding the $7,500 First-Time Homebuyer Grant

    Imagine having an extra $7,500 in your pocket to help you cover the costs of homeownership. That’s precisely what the JVM Purchase Plus Program offers. This significant grant is designed to ease the financial burden often associated with buying a first home. And, because it is a grant, you will never need to pay it back. 

    Why offer this program? Because we acknowledge the challenges first-time buyers face and are committed to supporting them. 

    Whether you’re eyeing a cozy suburban house or a trendy urban apartment, this program’s lack of geographic limitations and generous loan cap make it adaptable to a wide range of homebuyer aspirations.

    One of the most significant features of the JVM Purchase Plus Program is the $7,500 grant, which is a huge financial boost for those looking to purchase their first home.

    But, on top of that grant, there are even more benefits. 

    Program Benefits

    • Generous Grant: The $7,500 grant can be applied towards your closing costs or down payment.
    • No Geographic Limitations For Your Home Purchase: Eligible buyers can purchase a home anywhere in the United States.
    • Accommodating Loan Cap: Applicable for loan amounts up to $726,200.
    • Zero Income Restrictions: Buyers of all income levels can benefit.
    • Rapid Closing Process: Capable for fast closings, as quick as 21 days.
    • Reduced Rates for First-Time Buyers: Low credit scores and low down payments will not negatively affect your rates. 
    • Reduced Mortgage Insurance: Mortgage insurance premiums are discounted below typical retail levels.   
    •  Program Flexibility:Enhance your savings by combining this grant with other local down payment assistance programs 

    Program Eligibility Requirements

    • Census Tract Limitations: Buyers must reside in specific census tracts in CA, AZ, TX, FL, & TN to qualify. Contact JVM Lending for details on your specific census tract.
    • First-Time Buyer Requirement: At least one buyer should be purchasing a home for the first time or should not have been on title to a home in the last 3 years.

    Census Tracts: A Closer Look

    Census tracts are small statistical subdivisions of a county or equivalent entity. They are designed by the United States Census Bureau for analyzing population demographics. Each census tract typically contains around 4,000 residents, but this number can vary significantly based on population density. These tracts are intended to be relatively homogeneous units regarding population characteristics, economic status, and living conditions.

    Navigating Census Tract Eligibility in the JVM Purchase Plus Program

    In the context of the JVM Purchase Plus Program, navigating census tract eligibility is an essential step. This program, designed to aid first-time homebuyers, has specific requirements and benefits for homebuyers already living within certain census tracts.

    Consult a JVM Mortgage Expert for detailed information about which census tracts are eligible under the program and how that impacts your homebuying options and grant qualifications.

    Next Steps

    Embarking on your homebuying journey can be both thrilling and overwhelming. But with JVM’s expert guidance and financial support through the JVM Purchase Plus Program, we are here to make your dream of homeownership a reality. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, this could be your golden ticket to a new home without the usual financial strain. Let’s explore this opportunity together and open the door to your first home!

    Contact JVM Lending at (855) 855-4491 or email [email protected] to get started.

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