Years ago Heejin and I attended a KW Family Reunion in Austin with several of our agent-partners and we were amazed by the quality of the speakers and the info available.

I attended all the events and took feverish notes while most of the agents partied like rocks stars 😊. The info I received seemed fresh and innovative b/c it was from people outside the mortgage industry.

I implemented much of what I learned, mostly around team building and culture, and greatly improved JVM.

Our Business Development Director, Joe Ragain, had a similar experience this week listening to mega-agent Ben Kinney dispense advice about increasing the number of new client contacts.

Reaching outside the mortgage industry for fresh ideas is especially important these days b/c there are so many coaches and advisors in the industry who are dispensing advice that simply no longer works.


A really interesting example of reaching outside one’s industry has to do with England’s national soccer team manager, Gary Southgate, as discussed in a really interesting WSJ article recently (as always, we’re happy to send key excerpts).

When Mr. Southgate was in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, he also attended an NBA game between the Timberwolves and Pelicans. He was enthralled with the way the NBA players created space around the basket with screens, pick and rolls, etc.

He was so enthralled in fact that he took what he learned back to England and tremendously improved his team’s performances.


And lastly, my favorite example of new industry perspective is what Jonathan McGowan did for JVM when he came to us in December from Silicon Valley, as our VP Sales and Marketing.

He completely overhauled everything we did on the sales, marketing and technology fronts, even though we were light years ahead of the industry already.

We’d still be in the technology dark ages with the rest of the mortgage industry if we had not brought in a total outsider.

My main point is this – many industry insiders get stuck in a herd mentality and provide advice that may have worked in years past but often no longer does.

Step outside your industry for fresh perspective.

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