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Eliminating Delusions & Facing Reality

We once had a borrower whose only source of income was an apartment he rented in the Mission District and then re-rented via AirBnB. It was a good idea, and he made a few bucks. But, when we asked him what he did for a living, he proclaimed himself part of the “share economy” (he fancied himself a mini-AirBnB), and he didn’t come close to qualifying for a loan (he lacked income, assets and credit).

Similarly, one of our employees used to work for a small business that forever called itself a “start-up” (b/c it sounded so good) when they were really just a small business that had been struggling for over ten years.

The above delusions don’t hurt anyone but for the deluded, and they provide amusement for us. I only bring them up b/c we see such delusions so often.

Lofty dreams and goals can be fun and healthy, but actual delusions prevent people from facing reality and doing what they need to do to be successful.

JVM Lending is a small mortgage company focused on providing the absolute best service in our regional market. Nothing more. We want to grow, but if we don’t we will remain just as happy, just as appreciative and just as motivated.

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