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Dr. Sarah Gottfried: Willpower Is Finite; Hot Saunas Extend Life

Dr. Sarah Gottfried is a Harvard educated MD and author who often tells a story about a visit to her Dr. when she was running for an hour every day, eating very little and still gaining weight. Her Dr. told her: “More Exercise + Less Food = Thin Sarah.”

Her Dr. was very wrong of course (Sarah’s issue was cortisol), and Sarah got mad and launched her career in “functional medicine.”

I share this b/c Sarah was just on a really informative podcast that I highly recommend: http://www.commonwealthclub.org/events/archive/podcast/dr-sara-gottfried-upgrade-your-brain-outsmart-your-dna-and-reset-your-hormone

She sets out many interesting tenets of her findings over the years, including:

Willpower is finite. We have a set amount every day, and if we use it up in the morning with workouts, diet and hard tasks, we will have none left in the evening.

Distance running raises cortisol, which can both induce stress and make you fat. She likes “burst training.”

Here is the best factoid: Sitting in a hot sauna 4 x per week will extend your life significantly. A Finnish study recently proved this and hot saunas have become a big fad lately, at least in podcast-land (and in our garage :).

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