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DISC Tests; Right People for the Right Jobs

DISC Tests; Right People for the Right Jobs

Erin Piper is one of the best people I know. She is accountable, skilled, congenial, fun to be around, smart and humble (she will hate this blog). She is universally loved and respected, and she is also one of the most talented team members we have – she is a fantastic Mortgage Analyst and Processor and she plays a major role in managing JVM overall. She is truly amazing.

Four years ago, we made the mistake of thinking that somebody with Erin’s exceptional talents can do anything. Turns out that is not the case. We put her into a sales role for which she was not a fit at all. The job zapped all of the amazing energy out of her, and it was a complete waste of her talent. It was sort of like drafting Mother Theresa to play linebacker for the Falcons (don’t get me wrong, Mother Theresa could hit like a freight train, but her pass coverage was awful).

Anyway, we quickly learned from our mistake and moved Erin back into the line, where she has thrived ever since.

As a result of that experience, we learned to rely heavily on DISC Tests. We use these tests to ensure every team member is the right fit for every role, and we highly recommend them for anyone looking to hire someone. We also use the tests to ensure candidates are the right fit for JVM overall.

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