Customers Are Like Spouses; Way Easier to Keep The Ones You Have Heejin often jokes that she only keeps me around because dating is way too much work. 😊

    I thought of this when I heard Joe Polish say that customers are like spouses; it is way less work to keep the ones you have.

    Many business owners don’t understand this at all, as they focus all their time and effort on prospecting for new customers, losing an enormous amount of referral business.

    Here are a few of the things we do at JVM to keep our clients in the family:

    1. We have polished and air-tight systems and processes to ensure every client experience is consistent and extraordinary.

    2. We do whatever is necessary to maintain service levels (even if it means working until 10 PM or every weekend).

    3. We listen and engage before, during and after transactions. Phone calls up front are key, and surveys after every transaction are essential.

    4. We maintain constant client touches with our Daily Comments (you’re reading them now) and our Monthly Newsletter. Good CRM software with good data is an absolute necessity!

    5. We provide original and valuable information to everyone free of charge – Mortgage 101 Seminars, Lunch & Learns, Rate Quotes, Payment & Closing Cost Scenarios, Pre-Approvals, Daily Comments (once again), Borrower Education, Home-buyer Seminars, etc. We never stop.

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