Condo vs. Single-Family Home; $400 of HOA Fees = $70,000 Of Purchase Power $380,000 CONDO vs. $450,000 SINGLE-FAMILY HOME

    What has a higher payment?

    A $380,000 Condo with $400 in HOA Fees?


    A $450,000 Single-Family Residence with NO HOA Fees?

    Answer: The payments are about the same.

    With 20% down and a 4.5% rate, both will have total payments* of about $2,375 per month.

    We like to remind everyone looking for condos as a cheaper way to buy that HOA fees often offset the difference in purchase price.

    Condos still have advantages of less maintenance and potentially more safety, but the HOA fees need to be accounted for.

    We also realize that in some areas, condos are the only option.


    But, depending on the type of financing, $100 of HOA fees can offset $15,000 or more of purchasing power ($17,500 in the above example).

    *principle, interest, taxes, insurance and HOA fees

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