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Can Non-Borrower Make Mortgage Payments for Borrower?

We are often asked if it is “OK” for someone other than the borrower to make mortgage payments on behalf of the borrower. Our answer is “yes” in most cases, based on our experience.

Many lenders expressly prohibit non-borrowers from making payments because they want to discourage borrowers from buying properties on behalf of others, and they want to preserve the right to call their loans in case the primary qualifying borrower is removed from the picture (death, divorce, abandonment, etc.).

We have observed many instances over the years however in which children, surviving spouses or partners take over loan payments either intentionally from the start of the loan, or after the primary borrower passes away. And, we have yet to see a lender or servicer call a loan due after receiving timely payments from a non-borrower.

There are probably instances where lenders do call loans in the above circumstances, but we have not seen them.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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