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Building Teams, Profits and Free Time by Letting Go; NFL Lesson Again

Building Teams, Profits and Free Time by Letting Go; NFL Lesson Again We love sharing team building tips b/c so many readers are trying to expand and build teams themselves, and b/c the tips work so well for us – increasing our profits and, equally important, our free time.

Even though I don’t watch NFL football, I love the lessons it provides b/c the competition is so brutal. This WSJ article about coaches NOT letting go provides another great lesson. WSJ – NFL Coaches Not Letting Go

NFL coaches usually get their top jobs by first running defenses or offenses. But, when they get to the top they usually have great difficulty letting go of their previous duties and often insist on play calling. And, this makes them unable to be effective leaders.

We often see this same issue with Realtors and loan officers building teams. The key is to hire and train sharp people and then completely let go of play calling so you can improve your overall business.

Heejin and I clung desperately to “play calling” (staying involved in transactions) for far too long and our business suffered, largely b/c our team members were smarter than we were. We also disrupted our system.

We learned, and now life is better for everyone – us, our team, and, most importantly, our clients.

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