beware of false marketers “Beware of false marketers, who come to you in 2018 clothing,
    but inwardly are stuck in 1990.”
     Matthew 7:15

    I should note that Matthew is my neighbor, and he said that to me last night at 7:15 when I was getting the mail. 😊

    I love Matt’s warning though because there are so many marketers offering very expensive services that simply no longer work in the post-internet age.

    These marketers are now out in droves offering branding, website enhancements, SEO search assistance, and all kinds of lead gen assistance.

    They talk the talk and throw out big numbers, but almost all of them are incapable of generating additional business for their clients.

    I write from experience b/c we fell for these charlatans all too often in years past, wasting tens of thousands of dollars.

    Here are some of the issues we had with our consultants:

    1. Stuck in 1990.  Many of them were stuck in a pre-internet brand-awareness marketing mode that might have worked 30 years ago, but is increasingly obsolete in the current landscape. They focused too much on mailers, fliers, hosting events, old-school marketing techniques, and even print ads. They shockingly did not understand that marketing is all about digital nowadays.
    2. Stuck in 2011.  The rest of them understood that marketing is all about digital nowadays, but their techniques were woefully out of date already.

    What worked even as recently as 2016 often no longer works today.

    Marketing today is all about being digital and data-driven, and it is dominated by extremely sophisticated software and consultants including those with expertise within Google and Facebook.

    Additionally, the money required for heavy-duty marketing is astounding.  For example, Heejin and I met with a mortgage company owner last Friday who spends $45 million per year on marketing.

    Here are my points:

    1. Many small marketing firms and consultants can no longer help you generate business in our super high-tech, high-powered data-driven world.
    2. There are software providers and consultants (particularly with expertise within Google and Facebook) who offer the latest and greatest data and techniques for those willing to spend the money.
    3. Because we hired Jonathan McGowan out of Silicon Valley, JVM now has an extremely sophisticated marketing consulting program.
      We can help you get started on the digital front in ways that you never could on your own, and if you want to go the high-end route, we can steer you to the proper resources.  Click here if you’re interested in getting your own personalized digital marketing consultation.

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