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Beware “The Happiness Bubble”; Scrum

Beware On June 1st, when I walked into our office, everyone was silent, focused and intensely working.

Also on June 1st, we had a one-hour meeting at 2 PM to go over our systems, processes and training to fix everything that needed improvement, like we do every week.

I point this out b/c May was an all time record month for our total loan volume and for our total number of referrals.

When we hit our records, we celebrated and rewarded everyone, and then got back to business and continued to improve.

In his excellent book Scrum, Jeff Sutherland explains how to set up systems to ensure that a business constantly improves.

But he also says beware of the “Happiness Bubble.” This is the bubble that team members often get stuck in after they hit a lofty goal and decide it is OK to stop improving.

To avoid the bubble, we have weekly “improvement meetings” no matter how good our previous week or month was.

And, happily we continue to improve.

Next year at this time, after 52 weeks of improvements, I can assure you that JVM will be 100% different and a vastly improved company.

I know this b/c we are 100% different and vastly improved over this time last year.

Final point: Scrum is an excellent book that I highly recommend for anyone with a team of two or more people. He explains how to attack projects in a far more efficient manner, and how happy and autonomous employees are far more productive.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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