We think authentic testimonials are the best proof that a lender or any business can perform as promised. Our website is literally plastered with them. We get them every week in fact. I would be suspicious of any business that cannot readily provide an abundance of authentic and recent testimonials. Check us out at: https://www.jvmlending.com/meet-our-clients or on YELP.

    Below is a long but beautiful testimonial we received this week:

    JVM, what can I say? You’ve impressed me! It started out with an inquiry when we were not even fully interested in buying a house.

    Jay is the kind of person you like right away. He is helpful rather than pushy. He is thoughtful and reasonable. When I came up with obstacles he allowed me to talk about them and he listened. He knew of the solution and assured me that JVM could help; he was on our side. When I needed time to consider my options he allowed us space.

    I was then referred to his colleague, Jenna, who ran all the numbers. I was originally thrown off because the numbers seemed higher than I expected, but I was re-assured since Jenna was so honest in her approach. Jenna then explained that she was not going to make me believe that things would be less expensive only to have me be shocked later. Jenna is intelligent and honest and she will make sure that you are provided enough information. She will not crowd you.

    Chingchi was at the finish line and she seems to specialize in wrapping up documentation with lenders. She is a great communicator! I know that I should have at least one negative thing to say about JVM but I honestly don’t! I originally wanted to use a big bank and then realized that listing agents trust JVM more. In this area, JVM makes offers more appealing to sellers. JVM is amazing every step of the way and my husband agrees.

    When a listing agent or our own agent had a question for JVM, JVM immediately responded; the agents came back to us extremely happy to have talked with JVM about our FHA loan. A lot of listing agents don’t understand that FHA financing can actually be a positive experience, but JVM was able to educate them.

    Finally, JVM WILL get the loan through fast! We closed on time and within 16 days! JVM’s promises are good as gold. I hope that all listing agents will use JVM as preferred brokers. Our new home is perfect for us! Thank you, JVM, a million times over!

    Jay Voorhees
    Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
    (855) 855-4491 | DRE# 01524255, NMLS# 335646

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