traveling-train-station I try to keep my blogs business or mortgage oriented 99% of the time, but my dental hygienist forced me to write today’s b/c the tips are so important :).

While I was getting my teeth cleaned last week, she told me she went to Tahoe the previous weekend and got stuck at a jam-packed Safeway for over two hours trying to buy groceries!

Upon hearing this, I said “Mmmphmmphblmmmmph…”

Then when she pulled her hands out my mouth, I said: “Dude, you have to use AmazonFresh whenever you drive to an Airbnb or cabin anywhere.”

My wife Heejin uses AmazonFresh for EVERYTHING, and she also times the deliveries so everything is just waiting for us.

If AmazonFresh does not deliver to our vacation locale, she will have them deliver to our home right before we leave in neat packages that are perfect for travel.

TRAVEL TIP #1: Use AmazonFresh whenever you go to a cabin or Airbnb.


These additional travel tips are from Marriott’s CEO, Arne Sorenson, from an excellent Market Place Podcast. Mr. Sorenson’s job forces him to travel non-stop year round, and he has three primary tricks for healthy travel. His tips are added to my list below:

TRAVEL TIP #2:  Get on local time. He forces himself to stay awake, even on long flights, so he can get on local time ASAP.

TRAVEL TIP #3:  Exercise no matter what. It helps you sleep, stay healthy, and feel “normal.”

TRAVEL TIP #4:  Get some natural light. Sit near windows and get outside. People don’t understand how important this is for their health and well-being.


Here is one more travel tip from me –  drive the local backroads. Get off of airplanes, most definitely get off freeways, and ignore the glamorous locales.

My kids, nephews, brothers and I take motorcycle trips every year and we just revel in the charm and beauty of the backroads. (They can be enjoyed by car as well, but motorcycles tend to be more exciting 😊.)

We also love getting to know all the locals along the way. Driving is now made much more fun by the abundance of digital books and podcasts that can be listened to non-stop.

Some of the best drives are of course right here in CA such as Highway 49 in the Sierras, Tioga Pass through Yosemite, Highway 395, and numerous other highways in the mountains.

Highway 1 along the coast is of course another famous drive, but it is so famous and crowded that I wouldn’t consider it a backroad.

TRAVEL TIP #5:  Ignore the glamorous locales and drive the backroads.

Jay Voorhees
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