Heejin and I were off the grid for 9 days, and everything at JVM ran to perfection – admin, compliance, appraisals, Daily Comments, pre-approvals, new contracts, processing, funding, weekend referrals, etc.

No balls were dropped, and everything ran smoothly without any input from me or Heejin. Things may have even gone better in our absence :).

This is especially amazing in light of the fact that we are busier than ever and that most of JVM’s staff is under 30.

Heejin and I are extremely grateful for having such smart and accountable people running JVM. We are also delighted that so many readers were able to meet them personally during our office warming party.

The take-away from all of this is that it is well-worth the enormous amount of time it takes to hire the right people and to build an air-tight system.

Heejin – you finally have the “loan machine” that you always wanted.

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