200 Yelps! Vodka, Tequila, Deducting Interest For Taxes JVM has 200 Five Star Yelp reviews, as of this morning!! This is a milestone we’ve been shooting for for some time now, and it is no small feat given how many of our reviews get filtered. We still love Yelp though b/c the reviews are 100% authentic and can’t be edited.

A few very important reminders:

1. All vodkas taste the same :). I was skimming old blogs today and came across the one about our blind Vodka tasting test. None of us could tell one from the other.

2. Tequilas don’t taste the same! We had a tequilas test too, and this $25 bottle from Bevmo won: Gran Centenario Reposado. (this may be the best tip this blog has ever provided; save yourself some money :)

3. Mortgage Interest Deductions. Only people actually making mortgage payments can take the mortgage interest deduction for tax purposes. Many people (co-signers especially) mistakenly believe they can take the deduction even when they do not make any payments. Also – if a person is on title and making payments, but NOT on the loan, he or she can still take the deduction. You do not need to be on the loan to take the deduction.

Jay Voorhees
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