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15 “Calendar” Day Close; How We Do It Every Time

15 "Calendar" Day Close; How We Do It Every Time

Nicholas, from our office, was at a large Realtor event yesterday that was sponsored by a loan officer who got up and touted her “21 Day Close.” So Nicholas ran on to the stage and let everyone know that we can close in 15 days, all day long, anytime…

OK – kidding. Nicholas is very polite and didn’t say a word; I only wish that had happened :).

Anyway – a lot of lenders are touting their “quick closes” these days. We remind everyone to make sure they are quoting “Calendar Days” and not just “Business Days.” I spoke with a lender yesterday that touts a 15-day close, but it is “Business Days,’ so really it is a 21 Day close.

Also – ask for references. We have dozens of Realtors who will readily attest to our speed. We just closed a deal in 14 days in fact.

This is how we do it:

1. We make sure everyone is on board – Realtors, Borrowers, Escrow and Appraisers – and fully aware of the need to get us necessary info ASAP.

2. We order all appraisals as “rushes” as soon as we get the contract (and we of course cover the “rush” fee).

3. We have an entire series of emailed info requests that go out as soon as we get the contract.

4. We order CDs early if necessary.

5. We have an airtight assembly line system that we have honed over the last six years that ensures there are no hitches along the way.


6. We are just darn good at what we do :).

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