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10 Lessons From 2014 For Self Improvement

I stole the below list from Lewis Howes – a business coach and podcast host whose business exploded last year. It is an excellent list that is well worth reading. Happy New Year from everyone at JVM Lending!

My Top 10 Lessons from 2014

1. Be clear on your vision.
Most of the problems people have with getting what they want come from lack of clarity. Figure that out first. Then go after it.

2. Know that some opportunities are really distractions in disguise.
There are way too many good things to go after these days. Keep focused on your mission and say no to pretty much everything else.

3. Fall in love with people.
This may sound cheesy, but it’s a game changer. If you start really investing in getting to know the people around you, you’ll find out what I mean.

4. Get excited about pain- go beyond your threshold.
Even if this is just a few minutes a day, push yourself into discomfort somehow. This is how you grow.

5. Meditation is massive.
Since I really started practicing this regularly again, my anxiety, focus, and productivity have all improved. Plus it’s really helpful when you’re managing a lot of stuff.

6. It’s hard to inspire and enroll others when you aren’t healthy.
No matter what kinds of sales you’re bringing in, if you’re not taking care of your body, it’s not sustainable. Put self-care high up on your priority list.

7. Find ways to make others succeed – be an interruption for people.
Tough love can be the best kind, especially when your friend is going in the wrong direction (business or personal). Care enough to help others succeed.

8. If we aren’t creating a win/win then what’s the point of everything?
Just because you’re winning doesn’t mean someone else has to be losing (except in sports). Look for ways to make all of your actions positively affect the other people involved.

9. Invest in your brand.
There’s never a better time to start developing your brand (even if it’s your personal brand) than right now. Time will be on your side if you do this as you build your dream instead of waiting until you have it “all figured out.”

10. Replace negative self-talk with gratitude.
This is a huge issue for most of us, but you have the power to free yourself from the cycle of beating yourself up. Start practicing gratitude every time you want to criticize yourself.

“Get clear on what you want, then find the people to support you to get it.”

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