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Best Business Book Ever For Us: Emyth. Hands Down.

Best Business Book Ever For Us: Emyth. Hands Down.

I was perusing Derek Sivers excellent website recently when I came across his rave review of the famous book Emyth by Michael Gerber. https://sivers.org/book/EMythRevisited

Heejin pretty much forced me to read this book in 2008 and it completely changed our approach to business. Sivers says “Absolutely everyone who is an entrepreneur or wants to be one needs to read this book.”

The book differentiates “Entrepreneurs” from “Technicians.” Most businesses are started by “Technicians” who are very good at tasks but do not work on the business as a whole. The key for all business owners is to not always work “IN” in the business, but to stop and work “ON” the business as whole.

A key element of creating a real business is to systematize all the activities of the business in a way that everyone can perform the tasks as well as the business owners can (or even better, as is the case at JVM).

Everyone always says: “Emyth doesn’t work for my business” (we hear this from Realtors most often, and I used to say it too). But, I was wrong and so are most business owners.

Read and follow Emyth. It will certainly change your way of doing business and probably your life, and give you a lot more freedom.

Jay Voorhees
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