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80% of Mortgages = Refi’s, But NOT at JVM; Purchase Experts

Industry-wide, mortgage refinances comprise almost 80% of all volume. That is most definitely not the case at JVM.

Refinance transactions are much simpler to perform, requiring far less expertise than purchase transactions. There are many firms that focus almost entirely on refinances and those firms will make a lot of money in the near-term. But their focus is short-sighted because rates will go up.

At JVM, our overall expertise make refinances easy to do, but our focus and commitment always has been and always will be on purchases. Purchase financing expertise requires far more skill and training than people outside the industry can possibly understand.

JVM’s entire staff has more purchase training than almost anybody else in the industry. We are in fact being aggressively pursued by several large institutions simply b/c of our exceptionally intensive and successful mortgage-training program.

Nobody in the industry has our hiring standards or knowledge-base when it comes to purchase money mortgage financing.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
(925) 855-4491 | DRE# 01524255, NMLS# 335646